I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology at New York University, where I am affiliated with the Motivation Lab. I am also affiliated with the Interdisciplinary Computational Social Science Group at the University of Pennsylvania.

My research seeks to understand the social, epistemic, and cognitive aspects of belief dynamics that reduce polarization and social division while promoting social change and diversity (Jung et al, 2019, 2021; American Psychologist). My primary research interests are (a) indirect minority influence on social change and diversity, (b) the role of uncertainty/skepticism in reducing societal division, (c) memory, forgetting, and recency bias in group deliberation. I particularly focus on the role of minority dissent in these processes.

To investigate multilevel causal links and iterations over time, my work bridges social psychology and computational social science using laboratory and field experiments, surveys, network analysis, and agent-based computational modeling.

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